Administration and reporting

We at Evolupa have all the knowledge and experience needed to run a full finance operation. We can, for example, offer service as the account payables hub and  manage projects and budgets.

The financial accounting system we are using is flexible and fast. It can administer time and expenses,can run subsriptions administration and all kinds of invoice arrangements from fixed and on costing base. We can run project administrations from 50.000 up till 30 MIO including managing budgets, purchase order management and analysis of over- and underspending.

We can offer the following deliverables:

- AP administration

- Projectadministration

- Cashprojections

- Projectprojections

- Financial statements

- Organisationbudget

- Budgetcontrol cycle

- Strong internal governance

- VAT and ICP reporting

- Accountant receivable management

- Payroll


You can find the rates and rate structure at our website lupacompany.